Welcome to Wambangalang Environment Education Centre

Wambangalang Environmental Education Centre is a NSW Department of Education facility that provides high quality fieldwork and environmental and sustainability education to students from the local area, as well as those in many rural and remote areas of Western NSW and beyond.

Wambangalang EEC caters for K-12 students from both government and private schools. Our aim is to take students beyond the classroom to explore, experience and discover!

Wambangalang EEC sits within the broader natural and cultural landscape of Central Western NSW that is traditionally home to the Wiradjuri people.  It is situated 32 kilometres south of Dubbo within the farming district of Toongi within a travelling stock route reserve consisting of regenerating box gum grassy woodland.

Activities are conducted at the centre or at other field study sites within the Western Region. Centre staff are also available to run activities in your own school grounds.

School visits to Wambangalang EEC can be day visits or camps of up to four nights duration. Programs and activities can be tailored to suit the visiting teachers curriculum focus.